I am a classically trained oil painter ready to make the perfect painting for your wedding! I started painting at a young age and have had a brush in my hand ever since. As my skills developed I realized how much I love painting people and telling their stories! I see each live painting as an opportunity to capture the heart of who a couple is.

     I went on to perfect my painting technique (and eating my fare share of Nutella crêpes) in the south of France. There I developed my signature high contrast portrait style for which I am known today. Today, each oil painting I make is classically rendered by hand and made to last a lifetime. 

     Through studying great painters like Rembrandt, I became enthralled with the lost tradition of painting realistic wedding portraits. So much so that I took the opportunity to paint my beautiful wife for our wedding anniversary! I realized then that in the age of cameras we have forgotten the beauty held in the simplicity of a paint stroke. From that moment forward I’ve wanted to offer couples the most beautiful way to remember their wedding!

I'm David and it's so nice to meet you!






My amazing wife who is an incredible artist too!

Our English Lop who has more personality than Courtney & I combined!

Rembrandt, Velazquez, Sargent...I could soak it in for hours.

Things I Love

The Coast

Salt water, sunset walks & windswept hair. Charleston is where I call home.


coffee shops

After studying painting in France I've wanted to see the world ever since.

A cozy corner where I can read and draw is my happy place.